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By-laws of the Retired CUPW Members

Metro Vancouver

(As amended, March 26, 2008)

    1. Name, Affiliation and Composition
    2. The name of the organization shall be the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Metro Vancouver Retired Members Organization.
    3. The organization is composed of the retired members of the Locals in the Metro Vancouver area.
    4. Objectives
    5. To support the fundamental principles of Trade Unionism and the improvement of working conditions and retirement benefits for all workers and in particular Canadian Postal Workers.
    6. To defend and promote the rights and benefits of retired workers and in particular Canadian Postal Workers.
    7. To assist the functioning of the Pension and Retirees Benefits Committees of locals in the Metro Vancouver area as outlined in Article 9.23 of the CUPW National Constitution:


    1. Conditions of Membership and Equal Rights
    2. Eligibility for Membership

Retired CUPW members are eligible for membership. All members of this Union Retired Members Organization enjoy equal rights without discrimination, including but not limited to sex, age, occupation, ethnic origin, political beliefs or affiliation and sexual orientation or preference.

Dues and Initiation Fee

    1. There shall be no initiation fee.
    2. Membership dues shall be $5.00 per annum.



    1. Executive Committee
    2. The Metro Vancouver Retired Members Organization Executive shall consist of
      1. President
      1. Vice President
      2. Recording Secretary
      3. Secretary Treasurer
      4. Tyler
    1. The Executive Committee;
        1. Shall be responsible for the direction and administration of the Retired Members Organization in line with the orientation decided by the members adopted at Regular or Special meetings as defined by these By-laws,
        2. Be responsible for all public statements of the Retired Members Organization at the local level,
        3. Receive and study all reports referred to the Retired Members Organization,
        4. Be the only one responsible to make recommendations to the members or to take decisions in line with these By-laws,
        5. Have the obligation to meet prior to a Regular Membership Meeting,
        6. Establish and maintain communications between the members.
    1. Duties of the Executive Committee
    1. The President shall be the chief spokesperson of the organization and chairperson of meetings of the organization.
    2. The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her duties.
    3. The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of the minutes of the meetings of the organization.
    4. The Secretary Treasurer shall:
        1. Be entrusted with the funds of the Organization, approve all cheques to be signed for expenses authorized under the By-laws or by resolutions passed at meetings, deposit immediately all monies she/he receives on behalf of the Organization and sign cheques along with the President, or in her/his absence, the Vice-President.
        1. Be responsible for bookkeeping records of the Organization and keep them ready for submission to the Executive.
        2. Prepare a financial statement annually and present such statement at the Annual General Meeting of the Organization. Copies of such statement shall be distributed to all members present at these meetings.
        3. Not issue any cheques in payment for any account not provided for in the budget or authorized by the By-laws unless approved by the majority of the Executive Committee. Such payment shall be subject to ratification at the next meeting of the Organization.
        4. Not pay any money without a bill or signed voucher.
        5. Present a report on the state of the finances to meetings of the Organization.
    1. Committees and Duties of Committees
    1. There shall be sub-committees of the organization designated by the membership or the Executive Committee. These shall be open to attendance by any and all members.
    2. Nominations, Elections and Voting
    3. The nomination and election of the Executive Committee shall be at the Annual Meeting
    4. The term of office of the Executive Committee positions shall be one year.
    5. If an Executive position becomes vacant, the election will be held at the next membership meeting of the Organization.
    6. Meetings
    7. There shall be 3 General Membership Meetings and one Annual Meeting per year
    8. Whenever possible the meetings will be held quarterly.
    9. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday in April at 1:00 PM.
    10. The Agenda shall be:
      1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.
      1. Business arising out of the minutes.
      2. New Business.
      3. Financial Report.
      4. Executive Committee motions.
      5. Unfinished Business.
      6. Correspondence
      7. Executive and Committee Reports.
      8. Good and Welfare.
      9. Adjournment.
    1. Special Meetings
      1. Special Meetings shall be called:
        1. On the initiative of the President.
        1. At the request of 2/3 of the Executive Committee.
        2. At the written request of at least ten members in which the objectives of the meeting must be stated.
      1. No business shall be considered at any Special Meeting except that for which the meeting was called.
    1. Quorum
      1. Quorum for the General Membership and Special Meetings shall be eight (8) members.
      1. In Meetings where a quorum is required, and said quorum is not obtained within fifteen (15) minutes of the posted starting time of the meeting, said meeting shall be cancelled.
  1. Finances
  1. The signing officers for the Metro Vancouver Organization shall be President, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President. Any two of these may sign cheques on behalf of the Retired Members Organization.
  2. General
  3. Members shall honour all picket lines duly authorized or established by the Union and shall further participate and encourage trade union principles.
  4. Any member refusing to conduct themselves with the rules and procedures that govern this Organization shall be escorted from the meeting,
  5. These By-laws shall supersede any previous By-laws.
  6. These By-laws may be repealed or amended at a General Meeting with a 2/3 majority vote after due notice to the membership
  7. Bourinots Rules of Order shall govern assembly and materials explaining these rules shall be made available to the membership.
  8. There shall be no smoking at all duly held meetings of the Organization